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Red Vermouth Barrel

Vermut Rojo Barrica

Our Barrel-Aged Red Vermouth is crafted using selected Airén and Tempranillo grapes. The Airén provides stability and a capacity to absorb flavors, while the Tempranillo grape must imparts its characteristic color and sweetness.

A wise blend of 12 botanicals completes the process. Alongside wormwood, wild spices such as thyme, marjoram, sage; and others like dittany, calamus, gentian root, licorice, bitter orange, elderflower, clove, and coriander stand out.

After macerating the botanicals, it has been aged in American oak barrels previously used to age rum.

15% ABV.

Perfect Serve: well chilled, with a slice of orange.

Vermut Rojo Barrica


Apperance: mahogany color, medium layer.

Smell: licorice, ripe banana, cinnamon, and raisin.

Taste: sweet entry, herbaceous, date, long aftertaste that invites a second sip.

Pairing: dishes with some acidity and citrus, desserts with apple.


Formatos de venta del Vermut Rojo Barrica

» Bottle 750ml | Box: 6 bot. | Layer: 21 boxes | Pallet: 5 layers
» Bottle 200ml | Boix: 12 bot. | Layer: 23 boxes | Pallet: 5 layers
» Alba Bottle Alba 200ml | Box: 16 bot.
» Magnum XL 2L Bottle
» 3, 10 & 20L Bag in Box

Prepare a


› 3 part tomato juice
› 1 part Barrel-Aged Bocamanga Vermouth
› 1 stick of cucumber
› Salt & Pepper to taste

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